Tipp Farmers share in €101million of EU funds

CAP Payments

Tipp Farmers share in €101million of EU funds

Figures released by the Department of Agriculture last week show that Tipperary farmers received €101 million in Single Farm Payments under the CAP programme for 2015.

However figures show that almost half of the farmers in the county received on average payments of less €5,000 in single farm payments. Analysis of the data reveals that 23 percent of the farmers received 57 percent of the overall single farm payment allocation for Tipperary.

The CAP Beneficiaries Publication for 2015 show that a total of 6,826 farmers in the Premier County received payments under the single farm payments scheme.

In return for these payments farmers are required to comply with a very demanding EU regulatory framework including traceability, product quality, animal welfare and environmental compliance. The rate of payments for farmers is calculated on a per hectare basis and includes top-ups for young farmers.

A total of 29 recipients were listed as receiving over €100,000 in CAP payments for 2015 under the Single Farm Payment measure. The 29 payments accounted for €3.7 million in total and ranged from €100,264 to a high of €224,669.

The next highest recipients of Single Farm Payments received €14.1 million shared out amongst 208 farmers.

1,358 farmers received payments between €20,000 and €50,000 sharing in a total of €40 million or just over an average of €29k per farmer.

A total of €27 million was allocated to 1,856 farmers receiving payments between €10,000 and €20,000 averaging just over €14,500 per farmer.

However the bulk of farmers listed in Tipperary (3,375) who received between less than €10,000 in single farm payments received on average just under €5,000 per farmer.