Maths inspection at the Abbey School

Teaching ranged from 'good' to 'very good'

Maths inspection at the Abbey School
By Eoin Kelleher @tippstar

The quality of teaching in the subject of Maths in the Abbey School, Tipperary town, is of a 'very good' standard, according to a new report.

A subject inspection in Mathematics was carried out in the Abbey School on April 15th, and the results were published on September 30th.

The Abbey School is a voluntary secondary school for boys under the trusteeship of the Edmund Rice Schools’ Trust. The school has a current enrolment of 436 students.

The main findings are: “Teaching ranged from very good to good, with all lessons well planned and structured.

“Student contributions were valued and incorporated into lessons in a way that builds students’ confidence in their mathematical and verbal reasoning skills.

“There is excellent provision for students with additional needs in Mathematics that is flexible and responsive to students’ needs.

“The Transition Year (TY) programme has a balance of Leaving Certificate syllabus and non-syllabus material and incorporates a range of assessment practices, which is very good practice.”

The main recommendations are: “Schemes of work should be further developed to incorporate collaborative learning strategies and higher order questions specific to each topic. Further development of teaching practices that cater for the full range of students’ abilities should be discussed, agreed and implemented.”

In terms of teaching and learning, the Inspector stated: “Where best practice was observed, there was very good incremental development of students’ understanding of concepts. This was achieved through the planning of suitably challenging lessons coupled with a high degree of skill when questioning students.”

Under planning and preparation, the Inspector noted: “There are two teachers taking active responsibility for co-ordinating all aspects of the department. It is a positive feature that the role of co-ordinator rotates between department members... The Transition Year (TY) programme incorporates material that is not on the LC syllabus coupled with a range of assessment practices, which is very good practice.” Full report at