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Tipp TD's lambasted at Joint Policing Committee

Failure to attend results in a severe dressing down for Tipp Oireachtas members

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Michael Smith

Cllr Michael Smith

Tipperary members of the Oireachtas were labelled a disgrace for failing to attend any meetings of the Tipperary Joint Policing Committee, the latest of which was held in Littleton this morning (Friday).

Members of the Oireachtas in Tipperary have been lambasted by Fianna Fail  Cllr Michael Smith for failing to attend any meetings of the Tipperary Joint Policing Committee.

A meeting called for this morning (Friday) in Littleton resulted in only five councillors being present at the start with no Oireachtas members whatsoever. And, it was later claimed that no Oireacthas member has ever attended the JPC meetings.

"They are a disgrace and it shows scant regard for the standing of the JPC meetings. The Chief Superintendent can be here and the council officials, but our Oireachtas members don't bother to attend. They are obliged to attend these meetings," he said.

At the time his comments were made only Councillors David Doran, Phyll Bugler, Fiona Bonfield and Chairman Roger Kennedy were in attendance. Later, Cllrs John Crosse, Sean Ryan, and Sean Lonergan arrived and contributed to the various debates.

Cllr David Doran was equally as scathing in his remarks in relation to the non appearance of members of the JPC. "We don't even have a quorum here today. It just goes to show the level of importance they place on this committee - this is valuable forum to hold discussions on many matters and they could make their contributions here instead of getting up on their soap boxes. It's not good enough that this JPC is being constantly ignored," Cllr Doran said.

Chairman Roger Kennedy pointed out that the Dail is sitting today (Friday) - an unusual occurrence - and the Oireachtas members were all tied up with that business.