Local help needed to dredge rivers and prevent flooding - Deputy Jackie Cahill

Local flooding

Local help needed to dredge rivers and prevent flooding - Deputy Jackie Cahill

Tipperary Fianna Fail TD Jackie Cahill has said that without the ability to clean out streams and watercourses by local authorities, many communities in Tipperary will still be worried and concerned about the possibility of flooding.

“The failure to manage drainage on rivers has made the severity of recent floods worse in some cases. The evidence is clear: neither the CFRAM reports or the EU Habitats Directive rules out dredging or drainage measures in all instances, but only in specific causes. This excuse has been peddled for far too long,” he said.

Deputy Cahill was speaking during the 2nd stage reading of the Flood Insurance Bill in the Dáil is one part of FFl’s strategy to improve flood defences and support home and business owners who have been affected.

“Local authorities’ drainage budgets have been cut by 12% since 2010. This has directly affected their ability to control water drainage in rivers and streams.”

“If they get blocked, water will build up and spill over into fields and into towns and villages. This needs to be dealt with and ensure that communities are not put at risk.”

“Our bill will ensure that in areas where flood relief measures have been deployed, and approved by the OPW, home and business owners will not be denied insurance by companies. As long as the OPW’s, 1 in 100 year flood risk criteria, or better, is met, insurance cannot be denied under the Fianna Fáil bill.”

“The towns of Clonmel and Carrick on Suir have received significant investment, as will Templemore in the near future with a €9 million investment, yet property owners are still being denied reasonably priced insurance.”

“At present, all flood relief works carried out by the OPW are designed to provide for a 1 in 100 year flood risk rating. However in some case companies continue to refuse to provide insurance to people who live in areas where new flood relief and defence works have been put in place.”

“This Bill is the latest measure brought forward by Fianna Fáil to protect flood victims. The legislation will ensure that home and business owners are not discriminated against by insurance companies, however flood defence works will have to be carried out in these areas to protect them against further flooding events,” concluded Cahill.