New Inn BNS - WSE report

Attendance levels are “very good”

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


New Inn BNS - WSE report

New Inn Boys National School

By Eoin Kelleher @tippstar

New Inn Boys National School has received the thumbs up in a newly published Whole School Evaluation (WSE).

WSE's assess all aspects of management and teaching in a school, and are carried out on all schools within the state at regular intervals.

On September 19th - 21st last year, an Inspector carried out a WSE at New Inn BNS, and the report was published on January 6th last.

New Inn BNS is a Catholic school under the patronage of the Archbishop of Cashel and Emly. It has two mainstream class teachers. The special education needs (SEN) team is comprised of two shared teachers, a shared learning-support teacher and a shared resource teacher. The school caters for boys from second to sixth class and has a current enrolment of 46 pupils.

Attendance levels are “very good”. There has been a significant number of changes to teaching personnel in the past two years. The acting deputy principal, the shared learning-support teacher and the shared resource teacher were all appointed to their posts three weeks prior to the commencement of the WSE.

The key findings are: “the learning achievements of the pupils are good. The pupils’ listening skills require further development. The overall quality of teaching is very good. Pupils with special educational needs benefit from the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that is created in the school and support for these pupils is of a high quality. A wider range of speaking opportunities is required so as to improve the pupils’ confidence in using Irish. The range of reading material available to the pupils in Irish is limited and there is also scope to extend the range of reading material in English. Parents do not play a significant role in policy formulation or review. The board of management provides valuable support for the work of the school. The teaching principal provides effective leadership of teaching and learning.”

The key recommendations are: “To ensure better engagement in lessons, pupils’ listening skills should be further developed. The range of reading material available to the pupils in both English and Irish should be extended. A wider range of speaking opportunities should be created to improve the pupils’ confidence in using Irish. The board of management should establish a process through which parents’ perspectives can be incorporated into policy formulation.”

The Inspector concludes that “given the commitment of school staff to delivering high quality programmes of learning for pupils, the school’s capacity to develop further is very good.”

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