Fethard Tidy Towns looking for support of volunteers

Fethard Tidy Towns looking for support of volunteers
By Joe Kenny kennyphotographics@gmail.com @TheNationalist

Fethard Tidy Towns, led by chairman Joe Keane since 2009, is now appealing for more local support to maintain the high-quality work achieved over the past eight years in the town.

Due to other commitments and a residential move, Joe will not be able to offer the same level of support as he has done in the past, but has offered to remain and be of assistance in an advisory capacity. A meeting to continue the work of Fethard Tidy Towns will be held in the Tirry Community Centre on Thursday, March 2, at 8pm and you are earnestly asked to come along and give your ideas and suggestions.

In these present times we notice it is getting harder and more difficult to find people willing to give their voluntary time to community work. As these seasoned volunteers currently involved slowly and deservedly step back from years of service in their community, it is unfortunate that no others appear to be willing to step into their shoes and carry on their great work.

Fethard a very attractive place to live

Fethard Community has always had a great community spirit, resulting in the above average infrastructure of community driven facilities in the town, such as the many sporting facilities and community organisations, community centre, youth centre, day-care centre, theatre, ballroom, playground, walks and historical features such as the renovated Town Hall. All these help to make Fethard a very attractive place to live but they should not be taken for granted as they all very much depend on voluntary support. Let’s not wait until they are all closed down before we decide to act!