Breaking: Thurles beauty spot Lady's Well destroyed by dumping

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Lady's Well

Tyres dumped at lady's Well, Thurles

Outrage as upwards of fifty tyres have been dumped at Lady's Well and another thirty or so at the bog walk in Two Mile Borris.

One of the most scenic parts of Thurles parish is being destroyed by illegal dumping with tyres being piled up, thereby causing environmental concerns as well.
Beautiful Lady's Well has been targeted with rubbish strewn in a number of areas, especially in the wooded section, while a stockpile of old tyres has been discovered close the 14th and 15th holes in Thurles Golf Club - it might have been the month of May - the month associated with Our Lady - but instead of bringing 'Flowers of the fairest, and blossoms the rarest,” thoughtless dumpers brought tyres of the ugliest and just disposed of them wherever they could get away with it.

The River at Lady's Well

While there is great upset that this historic area has been used as a dumping site, there is also a great fear that the tyres could be set alight in the wooded area thereby creating a massive inferno which would be very difficult to control. There is also evidence of an attempt to build a shelter close to where the tyres were dumped, but it is not clear whether this is simply a childrens den or an actual shelter perhaps used for anti-social behaviour - there have been reports in the past of anti-social behaviour in the area, although the location would have been closer to the Turtulla side, rather than at the Lady's Well end.
When The Tipperary Star visited the scene on a beautiful sunny May morning, Lady's Well was a hive of activity with the birds singing and animals scurrying this way and that. By and large, the dumping was not visibly evident along the pathways, but delve a little deeper into the trees and it becomes all to obvious that unwanted visitors have been around. Upwards of fifty tyres, including two massive tractor tyres, were left to rot in the woods - even getting those tyres in there required a fair bit of work given their size.
Lady's Well was the subject of debate at a meeting of the Templemore Thurles Municipal District meeting this week when Indepedent Councillor Jim Ryan raised the dumping issue and also mention a similar problem at the bog walk in Two-Mile-Borris.

More dumping

Cllr Ryan was very upset that Lady's Well should be destroyed and said that as far as he understood, the only ones who would have keys to the gate there, would be the council workers.
“I have no idea how they got in to dump the tyres here but I am very concerned about it. I just hope that this lovely part of Thurles won't be targetted now for dumping and I want the council to ensure that everything possible is done to ensure that it doesn't happen again,” Cllr Ryan said.
Councillor Ryan was supported by colleagues for his call to have the areas cleared up and added that the Two-Mile Borris bog walk is very popular with people taking exercise. “It's disgraceful to see the condition it is in with dumping,” he said.