Nearly 15% jobless rate in Tipp in 2016

CSO figures show higher than average unemployment

Nearly 15% jobless rate in Tipp in 2016
By Eoin Kelleher eoin.kelleher@tipperarystar@tippstar

Nearly 11,000 people were unemployed in Tipperary around this time last year, while the number of retired people in the County stands at nearly 20,000, according to new figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

The Census 2016 Summary Results - Part 2 were released on Thursday and give a glimpse of the Premier County’s labour market.

The highlights of the report show that there were 74,339 persons in the labour force in County Tipperary in April 2016, a fall of 989 or 1.3% on 2011.

The labour force participation rate in the county was 59.2%, compared to 61.4% for the State overall.

The male participation rate was 66.2% while the female participation rate was 52.3%. This compared to an overall Munster rate of 66.0% for males, and 53.0% for females.

Tipperary has a higher than average unemployment rate. There were 10,867 unemployed persons in Tipperary, compared to 75,074 in Munster (12.5%). The overall unemployment rate for the county on this basis was 14.6%. This compared to an unemployment rate of 12.9% (297,396 persons) for the State overall.

The number of retired persons in County Tipperary stood at 19,752 in April 2016, an increase of 15.3%. Nationally, the number of retired persons increased by 19.2% to 545,407.

The number of students aged 15 years and over stood at 12,932, an increase of 5.4%. This was higher than the rate of increase at national level (4.5%).

In Census 2016, some 14.8% of Tipperary’s population indicated that they had a disability, compared to 13.5% who did so nationally. Some 4.4% of Tipperary residents provided regular unpaid personal help for a friend or family member.

At the national level, 4.1% of the population stated that they provided such care. 86.8% of Tipperary residents stated that their health was either good or very good, compared to the national figure of 87.0%. Full figures at