Clean bill of health for Dean Maxwell

Community Nursing Unit deemed compliant with most standards

Clean bill of health for Dean Maxwell

The Dean Maxwell Community Nursing Unit in Roscrea has been given a clean bill of health in a new HIQA report.

The nursing unit, located in The Valley, Roscrea, underwent a 2-day announced inspection by Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) inspectors on January 4th and 5th this year. The results were published on Wednesday last week (June 14th).

All nursing homes are subject to regular inspections to ensure they adhere to health and safety guidelines.

On the dates of inspection, Dean Maxwell had 20 residents, with seven vacancies. The registered provider is the HSE, and the Provider Nominee is Alice Clohessy-McGinley.

Overall, the facility was deemed to be “compliant” or “substantially compliant” in 12 out of 18 areas of inspection. Dean Maxwell was “Non Compliant - Major” in just one area, in terms of having a safe and suitable premises.

According to the report, “On the days of inspection, the inspector was satisfied that the residents were cared for in a safe environment and that their nursing and healthcare needs were being met.

“The inspectors observed sufficient staffing and skill mix on duty to meet the needs of residents. The quality of residents’ lives was enhanced by the provision of a choice of interesting things for them to do during the day and an ethos of respect and dignity for both residents and staff was evident. The person in charge and staff demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of residents’ needs, their likes, dislikes and preferences. Staff and residents knew each other well, referring to each other by first names. Residents were observed to be relaxed and comfortable when conversing with staff. The collective feedback from residents was one of satisfaction with the service and care provided.

“The building was warm and comfortable but as outlined in previous inspection reports the design and layout of parts of the existing building still did not meet the needs of all residents or comply with the requirements of the Regulations. For example, there were inadequate showering facilities, storage for equipment and no private visitors’ space. This impacted on residents’ privacy, dignity, comfort and choice. Other improvements were required in relation to restraint management documentation, updating of some policies, fire safety training and fire drills, storage of medicines and complaints management.”

Additionally, the Inspector noted that the Person in Charge “was knowledgeable regarding the regulations, HIQA's Standards and her statutory responsibilities. She demonstrated very good clinical knowledge. She was very knowledgeable regarding the individual needs of each resident. Throughout the inspection process the person in charge demonstrated a commitment to delivering good quality care to residents and to improving the service delivered.” Full report at