Mhuire na Trócaire N.S. - WSE report

Whole School Evaluation - concerns for levels of pupil absenteeism

Mhuire na Trócaire N.S. - WSE report
By Eoin Kelleher @tippstar

Mhuire Na Trócaire National School in Cahir provides a 'good quality' standard of teaching, according to a newly published report.

An inspector carried out a Whole School Evaluation (WSE) on S.N. Mhuire Na Trócaire on March 22nd. The report was published on June 16th. All schools are subject to such regular inspections. S.N. Mhuire na Trócaire is a mainstream Catholic school under the patronage of the Bishop of Waterford and Lismore. The school caters for pupils in infant classes co-educationally and for girls only from first to sixth class. It has a staffing of an administrative Principal, 10 mainstream class teachers, three fulltime support teachers and two part-time support teachers, all of whom are based in the school. There are 249 pupils currently enrolled. A considerable percentage of these pupils learn English as an additional language. The inspector notes that the “attendance of a significant cohort of pupils is a cause for concern”.

The main findings are: “School leadership and management successfully promote an inclusive school community. The members of the in-school management team discharge their duties in a conscientious manner; however, there is a need to emphasise aspects of teaching and learning in curriculum areas assigned to individual post-holders. Good quality teaching has resulted in pupil attainment being of a good standard. While support teachers work hard to provide for pupils with additional learning needs, the current organisation of special education provision should be reviewed. The quality of support for pupils’ well-being is very good with most pupils presenting as confident learners. The non-attendance of a significant cohort of pupils is impacting on the quality of pupils’ learning.” The main recommendations are: “Given the high rates of pupil absenteeism, the school should as a matter of priority, review its attendance policy and outline strategies to improve attendance. Members of the in-school management team should place greater emphasis on leading aspects of teaching and learning in assigned curricular areas in order to affect and sustain meaningful school improvement. The SEN (Special Education Needs) policy should be reviewed to ensure that resources are prioritised for pupils with the greatest level of need.” Full report at