Major revamp for Cahir's 'Square' - send submissions

Major revamp for Cahir's 'Square'  - send submissions

Town Centres are going through transformational change and Cahir is at a cross roads. It can either follow the existing trend for rural towns or be brave and take an opportunity to determine its own more viable future.

Tipperary Co. Council is seeking submissions around how The Square in Cahir can be used to deliver a new future for the town and how traffic could be better managed/accommodated in this context. The Cahir Local Area Plan 2011 seeks to redevelop the Square as a landscaped, civic plaza in a manner that enhances the Town Centre and improves the Vitality and Vibrancy of the area – your views and ideas as to how this could be achieved would be valued.

Following Submissions, workshops will be held around options which will inform the design brief and further public consultations.

A design team will be appointed to produce a detailed public realm proposal for The Square, including an assessment of traffic management and car parking. Anyone interested in submitting views and ideas towards the project is invited to do so via email to or by post in an envelope clearly marked ‘Public Submission for Cahir Town Centre Redevelopment’ and sent to Clonmel Borough District Engineer, Tipperary Co. Council, Emmet Street, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Closing date for receipt of submissions is the 31/7/2017