Green Flag for Boys School

Green Flag for Boys School

There was a great atmosphere of celebration at St John the Baptist BNS last Thursday on the occasion of the unveiling of their Green Flag for Biodiversity.

This was the culmination of two years of work by the Green School Committee. Since October 2015, the 13 boys, Miss Mullins, Mrs Sheahan, Mrs Laffey and Mr Halley have been involved in several projects to help raise awareness of biodiversity and caring for the environment. These projects included- bird feeding and birdwatching, establishing a bug hotel, creating a wormery, Incredible Edibles and Hatch 4 schools.

They also organised an action packed Biodiversity day of action, which involved the boys giving presentations on plants and animals, demonstrations by Mr Sean Laffey, quizzes and dressing up in plant and animal costumes. All the boys potted a willow tree cutting on the day to plant at home. The committee also planted new trees on the school grounds which will provide food and shelter for birds and insects and they look forward to decorating their new Colorado Blue Spruce every Christmas.

They created a beautiful tree trail and labelled 13 trees on the school grounds. This was the 5th green flag to be awarded to the school and this committee have also shown that they are dedicated to working on all the previous themes. They reduced the amount of litter by purchasing child friendly bins for the school yards. They continued working on the transport theme by having COW days, (cycle on Wednesday), and WOW days (walk on Wednesday).

The raising of the 5th green flag was a joyous occasion and the boys school joined with Cashel Girls School who raised their 6th green flag on this occasion. Claire McNamara, RTE sports presenter was guest speaker and congratulated the boys on their great achievement. The 13 boys on the committee gave a recount of all their projects and 4th class performed a great rap on Biodiversity. It was very fitting that the sun shone down on their new flag as all the pupils and staff of St. John the Baptist Boys School joined together in reciting their Biodiversity code;

Respect the animals and plants in all their glory,

Listen, learn and tell this story;

Fox, bird, mouse, tree

Save them all, Biodiversity.