'End in sight' for Clonmel Carrick Greenway in Co. Tipperary

'End in sight' for Clonmel Carrick Greenway in Co. Tipperary

The end is in sight for the completion of the long anticipated Clonmel to Carrick-on-Suir cycle ‘greenway’, heard Tipperary Co. Council. The project could help transform business and recreation along the cycleway, but has been beset by delays and setbacks.

Cllr Michael Murphy called for an update on the Greenway. He said he had been walking along the Greenway near the Anner Bridge, but then had to drive a section to Kilsheelan, before walking another length to Carrick-on-Suir. “I appreciate that’s outside our control (of the Co. Council) but the people I represent are very very frustrated about delays.” Sections are still unfinished. “It will be an incredible resource for the County,” added Cllr Murphy.

Cllr Pat English said the Greenway will “be fantastic, beside the river.” However, “it was supposed to be completed in May last year,” and now “here we are, 15 months behind.” The project will “probably be completed in August.”

Cllr David Dunne asked how the Greenway would be cleaned and maintained. “It’s a brilliant project but maintenance will be needed. It’s on a river bank and it needs to be wide enough.” The cycleway has to be of a certain width, for both pedestrians and cyclists, added Cllr Dunne. Cllr Siobhán Ambrose said she was delighted with the Greenway, but the “ongoing difficulties” are “outside our control”.

Director of Services Marcus O’Connor gave an update on the Greenway. About 78% of it between Clonmel and Carrick-on-Suir is completed. “We’re disappointed it’s not finished, and it is behind time. There is a conciliation process with the contractor.”

Section 1 from Clonmel to the Anner Bridge is “substantially complete,” he said. Section 3 from Kilsheelan is substantially complete, as is Section 4 into Carrick. Section 2 from the Anner Bridge to Kilsheelan is late, but should be finished in “about two weeks time” as tarmac is laid. Then Section 2 will be substantially complete, but will still need work with topsoil. “The end is in sight,” said Mr O’Connor. Maintenance will be ongoing, as the walkway is beside a river, and floods occasionally. “The maintenance will be done by the Municipal District. It will not be an enormous amount of money. We have other Greenways but there is no separate pot of money for them,” added Mr O’Connor.