No 'Fair of Cahir' this year

Cahir Square

Cahir Square has hosted many Fair festivites

It has been decided by the Fair of Cahir Committee that we will not go ahead with the usual 3 day Fair this year.

The need for a Fair revamp has been discussed several times over the years and we feel that this cannot be done on such a short time scale of just a few weeks to proper effect this year. Even though several local groups had expressed interest in taking part, being a small committee with other commitments taking precedence this year, we feel it is best that the Fair be put on hold until 2018.

But watch this space! We want to launch a newly revamped Fair of Cahir in 2018, so in January we will be back with renewed enthusiasm and looking for volunteers/ local groups to help spread the workload and inject some fresh ideas into the Fair with all its favourite parts.