Re Nua care home in Co. Tipperary - HIQA report

Care home for six people compliant with standards

Re Nua care home in Co. Tipperary - HIQA report
By Eoin Kelleher

A care home for six people with disabilities in Co. Tipperary has been found to be mostly compliant with HIQA standards.

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) carried out an unannounced inspection of the Re Nua care home in Co. Tipperary on May 8th. The report was published on Tuesday (August 1st). All care homes are subject to regular inspections. The HSE is the registered provider, and Carol Moore is the Provider nominee. Re Nua is a designated centre comprising a large single story building that accommodates up to six residents who have intellectual disabilities. Four residents had their own ensuite bedroom which was decorated to reflect their interests. Two residents had self contained open plan apartments. “The centre had an adequate amount of shared bathrooms and toilets which were equipped to cater for the needs of residents. There were also adequate communal rooms available for residents to have visitors such as family and friends. The centre was located within a town where public transport links were available.

“Suitable transport was also made available to residents who wished to access the community. This inspection found compliance with the regulations under several outcomes including admissions, safeguarding, healthcare and medication. However, the inspector also found that improvements were required in relation to outcomes including residents' rights, social care needs, health and safety, governance and management and records. Significant improvement was also required in relation to workforce which was deemed as major non-compliant.” Full report and reasons for these findings are at at