As the Theme of Heritage Week 2017 is ‘Nature’ Tipperary Public Libraries are happy to host

’Tree Travels, Tree Books and Tree Lore, Personal reminiscences of a Tipperary man’ in the Source Thurles at 7.30 pm on Monday 21st August.

This is an illustrated presentation by George Cunningham who has had a lifelong interest in trees and tree lore.

He has built up an extensive library and illustrative archive on trees and trees in history as well as being fortunate to visit famous tree places such as the sequoias and bristlecone pines of California, as well as many of Ireland’s sacred and beautiful trees.

Admission is free as is parking.

Picture shows the small booklet that the late manager of Dovea AI (now Dovea Genetics) Dermot Cahill published on the 200 specimen trees that he had planted on the Dovea estate in 1990.

A Dovea Heritage group are researching the entire history of the Trants and of the estate at the present. The murder of Ellis, John Trant’s farm steward at Dovea in 1857 and the subsequent erroneous execution of the McCormack brothers was a pivotal time in Tipperary and Irish History.