Damer House Gallery exhibitions to explore environment, & landscape


Damer House Gallery exhibitions to explore environment, & landscape

Damer House is to host an exciting new exhibition this month, to be launched on Saturday, August 19th.

Two artists from West Cork, Rob Monaghan and & Christine McAuliffe, are presenting their work exploring environmental issues, along with what organisers call “problematic thoughts of landscape”. One of the artists, Rob Monaghan, was an Artist in Residence in Portugal, Etremoz Region: Rob’s study is of Portugal Marble Quarry.

The launch is set for 4pm - 6pm, in Damer House.

‘So This Is Permanence’ by Rob Monaghan OBRAS Artist Residency, Etremoz Region, Portugal

Marble Quarry Study

May – Aug 2017

“My interactions while on location at the Estremoz quarries are an attempt to explore beyond the obvious. While visiting the locations to document the scarring and environmental damage created by the mining I was struck by the immense beauty of the man-made landscapes.

The story of Evora marble is one of lost fortunes, geological upheaval and constant motion combined with the human stories of those that worked within that industry. The areas’ quarries are their own isolated worlds. Phantom spaces keep a watchful eye where once millions of years of geological growth once was.

The found quarry objects, video installations and paintings are a direct response to this study. Rob and Christine have always had a common thread running though their work. One of emotional connection to nature and total immersion within landscape. The investigations they conduct separately link up in a very organic manner thematically and aesthetically. Both artists work in desolate areas and are linked by recurring formal concerns and through their subject matter.

Artist Anselem Kiefer stated that: “The landscape achieves meaning only through the human events that occur there”. Similarly Rob and Christine uncover layer after layer of human activity, it is a place where spirit and memory is felt.”