New exhibition at Damer House

New exhibition at Damer House

Roscrea's Damer House Gallery is currently featuring an exhibition of two Cork artists, Rob Monaghan and Christine McAuliffe, running until Wednesday 6th September.

Their work is multi-disciplinary and contains painting, photography, sculpture and installation and film.

They work separately and find that a common thread runs through their work organically both thematically and aesthetically. Both artists work in desolate areas and are linked by recurring formal concerns and through their emotional connection to nature and total immersion within landscape.

As part of their artist’s statement they quote artist Anselem Kiefer “The landscape achieves meaning only through the human events that occur there”.

Similarly Rob and Christine uncover layer after layer of human activity, it is a place where spirit and memory is felt.

This very unique approach to the subject of Landscape could resonate with boglands and ancient burial grounds in the Midlands. It should not be missed.