Loot Lorry rolls into Clonmel -  €68,000 giveaway!

Loot Lorry rolls into Clonmel -  €68,000 giveaway!

So many prizes aboard the Loot Lorry!

Santa in September? It was in Clonmel this morning!

To celebrate Meteor becoming eir from today, eir brought its extravagant Loot Lorry activity to Clonmel today!

After a nationwide callout on social media encouraging residents to vote for their preferred destinations for a visit, the eir Loot Lorry will be hitting the road for the next four days with Irish comedian Andrew Stanley in the hot-seat as gift giver extraordinaire.

The fun kicked off at the Showgrounds Shopping Centre this morning – but you had to be an early bird for the 8.30am start.

Incredibly the Loot Lorry contains more than €68,000 worth of free prizes including TVs, tablets, phones and consoles, which will be given out for free to lucky bystanders who happen to be on hand when the eir Loot Lorry comes to a halt.

Speaking about his role as delivery man and co-driver, Andrew Stanley said “Who said there was no such thing as a free lunch? I’m like Santa in September. I’m excited to hit the road with the eir Loot Lorry and genuinely can’t wait to see the look on people’s faces when we roll into each destination in what can only be described as a massive present on wheels! We’ll be giving away everything from TVs to mobile phones, but you will have to be quick, this Loot Lorry is not going to stay full for long!