Hard water & derelict buildings are concerns - Cllr Wood

Hard water & derelict buildings are concerns - Cllr Wood

In proposing the motion on lime in drinking water Cllr Tom Wood says he has raised the issue on a regular basis at Municipal Meetings and it was very relevant to South Tipperary with water percolating through limestone.

Cllr Wood told the Tipperary Star: "There is always a question as to the safety of drinking hard water and while many agencies, including the World Health Authority, say it's not a health risk as both calcium and magnesium are essential for good health, the question still arises regarding excess intake by those experiencing poor health.

“Our major concern however related to mineral build up or scaling in household appliances including pipes, electrical equipment and central heating where it not only becomes a nuisance but can frequently prove to be an expensive nuisance with corrosion and scaling."

A response from Management stated that the decision whether or not to soften the water was a matter for individual consumers.

“I called on the meeting to at least support the motion,” continued Cllr Wood. “It was unanimously accepted and is to be directed to Minister Murphy whose briefing covers the supply of drinking water.

Derelict buildings

Meanwhile, Cllr Wood addressed the issue of derelict buildings across Co. Tipperary.

“In proposing the motion to introduce a by-law whereby property owners are obliged to keep them in a presentable manner I said that in wording the motion I expected that the Council would not agree to such a move, thinking it heavy handed, but I felt it necessary in order to highlight the widespread problem in our towns and villages.”

“While this Council, in co-operation with Tidy Towns Committees and other parties, including business people and civic minded residents, are doing an excellent job, sadly some people make no effort to present their property in a reasonable manner.

“In some instances Tidy Towns Committees have offered to paint properties but the owners have refused the offer.

“Many properties with for rent or for sale signs are allowed to deteriorate and it's very demoralising for the majority who have pride in their street, town or village."

Cllr Wood suggested the Derelict Sites Act needs to be implemented more widely and more enthusiastically.

“The motion was unanimously accepted and management, in agreement with the sentiments expressed, stated that they would act more aggressively to ensure a reasonable standard of presentation,” concluded Cllr Wood.