Country legend James Kilbane for Castleiney Church concert fundraiser

Memorable concert

Country legend James Kilbane for Castleiney Church concert fundraiser

Come join us for a memorable concert of Country Gospel music on Sunday November 5th at Castleiney Church, part of the Loughmore Castleiney Parish.

The parish is presenting this special Christian family, community and fundraising concert with country legend and Gospel singer James Kilbane on the Sunday 5th November at 8pm.

The event is to help raise funds for ongoing work, upkeep and running of the parish and any community parish needs.

The concert is looking forward to a celebration focusing on family life linking in with James Kilbane’s latest album “The Family Collection” and the upcoming year 2018 “The World Meeting of Families” that will conclude in August in the RDS, Dublin.

The concert at Castleiney’s St. John the Baptist Church with James Kilbane will include many songs of faith and Christian family life, including Mama’s Roses, The Richest Man, The Nazarene Song and many more Gospel and Christian country songs - all on his latest album.

Since 2004 Kilbane has released thirteen albums. He is multi platinum and has become a well know voice on radio and television across Ireland with his easy mix of music. His music is today growing in faraway countries such as Sri Lanka, Singapore, as well as America, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Kilbane’s home grown approach now attracts many from every walk of life and there are many traditions to his music. Recently Kilbane presented several television shows including his own Gospel music show on Sunday afternoons, as well as television specials on his music with Revelation TV. Over the Summer and Autumn months Kilbane has run a new show in Westport with a new album and performed Christian and cultural events in America.

To enjoy this Christian country event in the setting of Castleiney Church donation tickets are available across the region from Nolans Shop, Castleiney, The Cottage Tearoom, Loughmore, Thurles Parish Centre, as well as committee members or direct from Jim 086 6037366.

Event access will be open at 7pm with the concert starting at 8pm.

All support from all churches and interested people will be greatly appreciated. This is event not to be missed.