Thurles Templemore Municipal District - September meeting

Thurles Templemore Municipal District - September meeting
By Eoin Kelleher

Roads and Footpaths

Cllrs David Doran and Jim Ryan called on management to “carry out immediate safety works on the public entrance at upper Moyne road in Thurles, to include the construction of new steps and the installation of a new handrail.” Emmet Street in Thurles is also in a “very bad state”.

Councillors pointed to the “downgraded” N62 road between Roscrea and Templemore. “It’s in absolute bits,” said Cllr John Hogan. The Municipal District “needs to get serious” with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) regarding a stretch of road at Loughmore as well.

Cllr Michael Smith also complained that the road from Roscrea, which had been the subject of a 5-week survey, has still not seen works commence on it. “It’s being pushed back and back.”

Cllr David Doran said the footpaths in Thurles are not being maintained to the same standard as under the Town Council. “People never fell over on the footpaths in the Town Council days.”

Cllr Michael Smith drew attention to the poor state of the road at Scart, on the Templemore road to Roscrea. “The wrong section of road is being addressed,” he said.

Cllr Sean Ryan called for LED lights to be installed in Littleton, as CCTV is installed. “There’s no point in putting in CCTV if you cannot see what’s happening.”


Cllr Michael Smith called on the Municipal District to carry out a “full audit of the Council’s Housing Stock in Templemore as I believe many are in a very bad state of repair.” Cllr Smith described it as a “time bomb coming down the road.” Complaints should be directed to the appropriate Co. Council division.

Cllr Smith also called for a “full account as to why works have not commenced on No. 14 Parkview Avenue West, Templemore, which a commitment was given and assurance that funding was in place a year ago.”


Cllr Jim Ryan called on the Council’s support to engage with Bord na Móna to develop, after the closure of the briquette factory, an adventure park on their lands in Littleton and Moyne similar to the hugely successful Lough Boora adventure park in Offaly that Bord na Móna developed into a major tourism attraction.”

Cllr Sean Ryan asked that the District write to Bord na Móna management “to urge them to give due consideration to the use of cutaway bogs in Littleton for the growing of biomass crops by Bord na Móna.” Cllr Sean Ryan asked that the District construct “double yellow lines, two junction boxes and erect parking bollards at Thurles Road in Littleton near the GAA grounds to prevent parking there during match days.”


Thurles is the “only large town in Tipperary” without a recycling waste treatment centre, reiterated Cllr Jim Ryan. “It’s disgraceful that a town the size of Thurles does not have this amenity.” Cllr Smith said the painting scheme, with only 37 applicants, and valued at €14k, “might as well be scrapped.” No one will apply for painting at the end of October, he said.

Templemore Town Hall

A prospective tenant for Templemore town hall has expressed “genuine interest” about moving in, but management can’t reveal more, said Director of Services Matt Shortt. A meeting will take place on October 6th in relation to the move.


Cllr John Hogan congratulated the Ladies Intermediate Football team on their All-Ireland win, but complained that the GAA should organise matches better on the big day, so fans can go to more games. “It's wrong of the GAA to hold so many matches that day,” he said. “There were 10 matches that day. A lot of people trying to get to Croke Park, but were stopped.”