Roscrea Enhancement Committee Awards 2017

Honours for best presented estates of litter, biodiversity, community & youth involvement

Roscrea Enhancement Committee Awards 2017

The presentation of the much anticipated 2017 Roscrea Enhancement Committee Awards took place on Friday last the 20th of October.

Following the success of last year’s presentation format, this year, members of the Enhancement Committee travelled once again to each of the award recipients to present their individual awards in person which was greatly appreciated by all involved.

Speaking this week, the Chairman of The Enhancement Committee, Brian King congratulated all the winners and in particular he acknowledged the overall winner Ard Ross who becomes the first recipient to retain the cup sponsored by Roscrea Credit Union.

Brian said that he and those that accompanied him from the organising committee namely Marion Carey, Pamela Aitken and Cllr Michael Smith were delighted with the warm welcome they received from each of the recipients despite the inclement weather conditions. Brian also had a special mention for Sheehane. Brian said it was Sheehane’s first time to enter the competition and to finish second on their debut year was a remarkable achievement of which they should be very proud.

Brian said that the awards would not be possible without the support of local sponsors and in that regard he was keen to thank his own employers Roscrea Credit Union and it’s Chairman Sean Hogan, Super Valu Roscrea and it’s proprietors Brian and Bernie Colclough, Roscrea Chamber Of Commerce and it’s President Seamus Browne, Tesco Roscrea and Monica Kearns, Milltown Garden Centre and Paul Davy, Roscrea Heritage Society and Pamela Aitken and Tipperary County Council represented by Marion Carey.

The overall winner of the 2017 Roscrea Enhancement Awards was Ard Ross who deserves great credit and great praise for their endeavours. Brian King said that the committee had accomplished an awful lot over the past two years and should be very proud of their achievements.

On behalf of Ard Ross, Martina Dunne thanked the Enhancement Committee and the sponsor of the overall prize, Roscrea Credit Union, for their support. The Chairman of Roscrea Credit Union and also a member of the Enhancement Committee, Sean Hogan, said that the Credit Union was thrilled for Ard Ross and all the award recipients.

This year the Enhancement Committee engaged a judge who is very much specialised in the whole area of enhancement and landscape design. The judging took place in mid August and those that entered were assessed under the following headings: Litter, Biodiversity, Community and Youth involvement, Tidiness/cleanliness of the estate, Vibrancy, Innovation, Use of the Irish Language, Community voluntary efforts and initiative including fundraising and Sustainability and conservation of resources.

Brian King said that from reading the adjudicator’s reports the organising committee for this year’s awards are of the conclusion that the judging was fair and balanced and focused on the positives while making plenty of recommendations for improvements. Brian said in order to enrich the awards this year the committee looked for an adjudicators report for each entrant.

Brian said that each entrant can use this report in the coming months to reflect on all the positives in their area while at the same time focus on where improvements can be made for next year. Brian explained that this approach is hugely significant for Roscrea Tidy Towns in that if each entrant to the Enhancement Awards continues to improve and develop we can expect that this success will then feed in to the Tidy Towns results. Brian said it is no coincidence that this year’s magnificent result of a silver medal for Roscrea Tidy Towns was helped greatly by all those who made the effort to enter the Enhancement Awards.

Brian said the silver medal award was richly deserved by the local Tidy Towns Committee who he said deserve all the help and credit they can get. Brian called on even more local resident committees and local businesses to get behind the Tidy Towns effort and as always he asked people to reflect on what our town would look like it we were not lucky enough to have such an active tidy towns committee.

The full results for this year’s competition is as follows:

*Best Estate Overall: Ard Ross

*Best Estate (2nd prize): Sheehane

*Best Estate (3rd prize) - Joint: Ashbury & Cois Eaglais

*Best Estate (4th prize): Cnoc Mhuire

*Special Recognition Award: Kennedy Park

*Best Presented Business Award: Bowes Ryan Cafe

With regard to the Enhancement Plan itself, Brian said that the Enhancement Committee is shouting as loud as it can to ensure Roscrea is prioritised for development. The signage strategy for Roscrea has taken up considerable time again this year as it has for the past number of years with numerous consultations and workshops etc taking place. Brian said it was a major step forward therefore, for the town’s Enhancement Plan when news was announced in recent weeks that funding of over €90,000.00 will be made available to deliver on this project. Brian said he hopes this news will be the catalyst for further developments and that he looks forward to hearing news of plenty of more developments in the coming weeks when the committee next convene. Brian said time will also be taken in the coming weeks to reflect on the Tidy Towns results to see what support can be given to the local committee to enhance their score even more in the national competition next year. The Chairman of the Enhancement Committee said it would be a very progressive step for the town if all committees and local businesses ensure that they download a copy of the Tidy Towns report for 2017 and explore ways in which they can play their part however big or however small in the enhancement of our town in the year ahead. To all the entrants and recipients of this year’s Roscrea Enhancement Committee awards the committee would like to say we say well done to each and all, thanks for entering and keep up the good work.