CCTV needed for Townparks Thurles, after 'serious assault'

Thurles Templemore Municipal District

CCTV needed for Townparks Thurles, after 'serious assault'
By Eoin Kelleher

There is an urgent need to install CCTV cameras in Townparks, Thurles, after a young woman was seriously assaulted, heard the October meeting of Thurles Templemore Municipal District.

Cllr Jim Ryan expressed concerns about College Lane, a laneway leading into College Green estate from Kickham Street. There have been “numerous complaints” that the area is “full of rubbish” and people “cannot believe the level of dumping” or fires being lit in that alleyway. “We have to take it seriously,” said Cllr Ryan. “It’s leading into one of the biggest of the Four Estates.”

There had been reports of a girl being “seriously assaulted” in Townparks, Thurles, and there is a need for CCTV in that area. “If CCTV went up, the culprits could be caught.” Some people had been observed drinking in public in that area, and the local authority “needs to send some message to the Gardaí”. Public lighting has not been working there, leaving the area “pitch dark at night,” said Cllr Ryan.

District Administrator Deirdre O'Shea said they would consult with Gardaí regarding CCTV, and the matter referred to the Chief Superintendent.

Cllr David Doran said the CCTV “in the Square” “serve no purpose” as they’re not working at present. There had been a “serious incident” in Townparks, added Cllr Doran.

Meanwhile people are “aghast” at the length of time it’s taking to complete works at St. Patrick’s Cemetery. “It’s a small job,” said Cllr Doran.


Cllr John Hogan said it would be a good policy to create a minimum distance between trees and nearby structures in light of the recent storms. “Trees must have a falling distance,” he said, consisting of the length of the tree, plus one meter. “I think it’s a good policy. Lives have been lost, and it’s because people plant trees in unreasonable places for aesthetic reasons.”

Town Park

Cllr Seamus Hanafin said a lot of the land along the river Suir in Thurles is owned by religious orders, and lies on a floodplain. “Could it be used to extend the Town Park,” asked Cllr Hanafin, as no one can develop there. “You could create a walkway of 20 yards.”

Rahealty traffic

There will have a fatality in Rahealty given the volume of traffic there, said Cllr Doran, citing concerns from parents and teachers. Signage there is “not working”, and “not effective.”“I am calling on this Municipal District Council to install flashing speed signs at both sides of Rahealty School to curb the ongoing speeding traffic past the school. There is considerable concern in the area that unless this is done that there will be a serious accident.”


Cllr Sean Ryan requested that the Municipal District “seek to improve the drainage at Skehane in Two-Mile-Borris where the roadside is subject to persistent flooding.”