Carrick-on-Suir residents group receives €4669 donation

Carrick-on-Suir residents group receives €4669 donation

A former Ballylynch community group that disbanded nearly 20 years ago has made a generous donation to the estate's revitalised residents association. 

Members of the disbanded Ballylynch Self Help Group presented a €4,669.11 cheque to the Ballylynch Residents Association last Thursday, November 16. 

Ballylynch Self Help Group treasurer Paddy Rockett handed over the cheque to Residents Association Chairperson Lee Roche. 

The Residents Association said the donation was much appreciated and thanked Self Help Group treasurers Paddy Rockett and Sean Keogh, committee members Philomena Fitzgerald, Ann Fleming. The Association said the money will be used to continue the Association's work of improving Ballylynch for all its residents. 

 Ballylynch Self Help Group was established in the 1980s by a local group of people. 

Its committee collected money once a week from local residents to raise funds. Every week they collected £200 and returned £100 to one lucky person. The Self Help Group disbanded prior to 1999. 

This year Ballylynch Residents Association developed and officially opened a Remembrance garden dedicated to all the deceased residents of Ballylynch.