Brian Colclough launches 'Roscrea People' 2017

Brian Colclough launches 'Roscrea People' 2017

The 45th issue of 'Roscrea People' (RP) was launched in the Cosy Kitchen SuperValu by Brian Colclough last Friday evening.

It was a significant venue to be associated with, as Bernies (years ago VG and now SuperValu), is celebrating 50 years as an independent trader and the RP 2017 carried a 12-page spread on the Supermarket and on Bernie, paying tribute to him for his great role in the development of the modern Roscrea.

At 196 pages in full colour, it is the largest edition since George Cunningham founded the publication in the 1970s.

Editor George Cunningham, acting as Master of Ceremonies, spoke of four vital ingredients in publishing Roscrea’s annual ‘good news’ magazine: his wife Carmel who acted as much more than an assistant editor; the two main compositors in Walsh printers, Andrea Patterson and Valerie Spencer; PJ Wright social photographer who was responsible for most of the 500+ captioned photos that embellished the book; and the sponsors and advertisers without whom there would be no Roscrea People.

George complimented Brian Redmond on yet another superb cover. Carmel Cunningham thanked all those who contributed and asked people to support those who support Roscrea People. She thanked Pamela Aitken for all her help with the advertising.

In launching 'Roscrea People' Brian Colclough welcomed all and said that it was yet another significant event in the community life of SuperValu and of course a milestone in celebrating Bernies 50 years