Roscrea video to leave a 'lasting legacy' - Credit Union Chairman

Roscrea Credit Union launches local video on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary

Roscrea video to leave a 'lasting legacy' - Credit Union Chairman
By @TheNationalist

As 2017 came to a close, Roscrea Credit Union also brought the curtain down on its 50th anniversary celebrations.

To help ensure that the 50th anniversary is never forgotten and to help showcase the town of Roscrea and its hinterland, the credit union launched a special video on its Facebook page shortly before Christmas.

Speaking this week, the Chairman of the Credit Union, Sean Hogan said that the video is a lasting legacy that captures the credit union and our town and its environs at a moment in time. Sean said the video took months to prepare using the very best in camera and drone technology.

The video features a piece on the credit union by Sean Hogan and its Manager Brian King.

The video has highlights of the Credit Union's 50th anniversary day and other events that took place as part of the 50th celebrations. The video then moves to showcasing the actual town of Roscrea and its surrounds. The video is entitled 'My Hometown Of Roscrea' a song composed by Seamus Doran and sung by Tadhg Maher.

Brian King the Manager of Roscrea Credit Union said 'My Hometown Of Roscrea' is for many, Roscrea’s own national or if you like local anthem. When first released the song was enormously popular and to this day the song is sung regularly and is a firm favourite of many native Roscrea people and Rsocrea supporters from both home and abroad. The video and the song certainly capture everything that is so wonderful and so beautiful about the town of Roscrea and the locality in general.

Whether you are from the area or not you will not be able to help but admire the spectacular images that were captured of the town and key attractions such as Monaincha Abbey, Orange Hill, Mt St Joseph and so much more.

Brian stated that apart from being a lasting legacy to the Credit Union and to the locality a key objective of the video is also to attract more visitors and more interest to the area.

By doing this Brian said we can help our local economy. Brian, who is also Chairman of The Roscrea Enhancement Committee, said that not only is the video of great benefit to the Credit Union but it is also of great importance in helping to develop and promote the potentially great tourist product that we have to offer in one of Ireland’s oldest and most historic towns.

Sean Hogan said that such is the quality of the video he has no doubt that the video will be successful in promoting Roscrea. Sean said it is his humble opinion that many people that have moved away from Roscrea or used to one time live amongst us, will find the video of great comfort and that it will help them reminisce about a different time in their lives. Sean said if the video encourages even one of these people or their family or friends to visit Roscrea then all the hard work was worthwhile.