Alcoholic who threatened to kill & cause harm to Garda in Littleton, sentenced to two six-month jail terms

Thurles District Court

Alcoholic who threatened to kill & cause harm to Garda in Littleton, sentenced to two six-month jail terms

A Littleton man who threatened to kill a Garda and his family, was sentenced to two concurrent terms of six months imprisonment with the last two months of each suspended, at Thurles District Court.

Timmy Meaney, of 26 Derrynaflan Avenue, Littleton, was charged with threatening to kill or cause harm to Garda Mark Conway, in Derrynaflan Avenue, Littleton, on July 7, 2017. Meaney was also charged with making threats to kill or cause harm to the Garda’s family, at the same location on July 23, 2017.

Separately, Meaney was charged with creating litter that was visible in a public place in Derrynaflan Ave. Littleton on December 27, 2016.

Sgt. Andrew Lyons told Judge Elizabeth MacGrath that Garda Mark Conway was approached by Meaney in one incident, who proceeded to verbally abuse him, saying phrases such as “I know where you live, you Free State b**tard,” “I’m in the IRA,” “I will get you, I will kill you,” and “I will get your wife.” Mr Meaney has 31 previous convictions.

Solicitor Mr Brian Hughes said his client has accepted treatment for alcohol abuse. Meaney has entered into a 2-year ‘after-care’ programme and attends AA meetings. “He also has to deal with anger management,” said Mr Hughes.

Meaney is taking concerted efforts to deal with alcohol addiction, and is now seven months ‘free’ of alcohol. This is the longest time he has ever been sober, by attending residential treatment. As a result, Meaney’s life has improved significantly, but he “cannot diminish what he did,” added Mr Hughes

Mr Meaney has “learned that sobriety is the way to go.” “The words he used were very offensive” and he is ashamed of himself, said Mr Hughes. Meaney’s rehab is “well under way” and he did apologise .

In the littering incident, the Court heard that Meaney was observed with a black refuse sack full of litter, including nappies, which he left on the roadway. Garda Conway approached Meaney, who started shouting and roaring. “He continued shouting and being abusive to Garda Conway,” said Sgt. Lyons. Garda Conway noted the effects of the incidents in a Victim Impact Statement to the Court. Judge MacGrath said she noted the guilty pleas, and Meaney’s “genuine efforts” to tackle alcoholism.

However, the threats issued to a Garda during the course of his duties, were of such a serious nature that she could not but impose a custodial sentence. Meaney was sentenced to six months jail, with the last two months suspended for two years, on condition he enter into a Sec. 99 bond of €250. The same penalty was applied regarding the incident on July 23, 2017. The two terms are to run concurrently. Meaney was also fined €150.

No member of An Garda Siochána should be subjected to that level of abuse, said the Judge, “particularly the threats to his family.” Judge MacGrath fixed recognisances at €500 in the event of an appeal, with an independent surety of €1,000.