'Kleptomaniac' stole workpants, hair spray - Thurles District Court

'Kleptomaniac' stole workpants, hair spray - Thurles District Court

A Ballingarry woman who stole over €150 worth of goods from a Thurles hardwear shop, is a kleptomaniac who finds it difficult to adhere to her treatment, heard a sitting of Thurles District Court.

Judge Elizabeth MacGrath heard that Sandra Fitzpatrick entered Ronaynes hardwear shop on the Dublin Road in Thurles, on August 31, 2017.

Ms Fitzpatrick, of 19 St. Patrick’s Terrace, The Commons, Ballingarry, stole property belonging to Michael Ronayne, namely one men’s hair clippers valued at €54.95, one heat protection hair spray (€5), and one men’s work pants (€99). Ms Fitzpatrick left the store without paying, said Sgt. Andrew Lyons. She was later identified using CCTV, and returned all three items in a saleable condition.

Ms Fitzpatrick has five previous convictions for theft. Solicitor JJ Fitzgerald said Ms Fitzpatrick is 43 years old, and has three children, aged 21, 19, and 5. “She lives at home with the two younger children,” said Mr Fitzgerald.

Ms Fitzpatrick has attended psychiatric services in Clonmel, and was diagnosed with kleptomania - a condition where a person feels the urge to steal. When she is caught she “readly admits” the offence, said Mr Fitzgerald. While Ms Fitzpatrick has received counselling, she has difficulties adhering to the recommendations. Ms Fitzpatrick is currently under a Community Service Order. Judge MacGrath remanded the case for a Probation Report, to ascertain “what steps Ms Fitzpatrick is taking.” Otherwise, it will go on and on, and Ms Fitzpatrick “will end up in jail,” added the Judge. The case was put back to April 24 next.