Tipperary Roads: Mullinahone roads a cause for concern

Tipperary Roads: Mullinahone roads a cause for concern

When the road into and through Carrick Street into Mullinahone was resurfaced most of the local people were highly pleased at the time.  

However, some problems have surfaced, say locals.  The stretch of roadway from Poulthouran Bridge to the beginning of Carrick Street has a number of dangerous bends and a stonewall along one side of the roadway.  This alone should be a warning to traffic to slow down.  

However, the lovely new road surface is bisected with a broken line and this might encourage cars etc. to pass each other.  

Surely, it would be safer to have a single non broken line over which traffic should not cross and pass legally.  

Another problem has arisen on the left side of the road leaving the village. 

There are a number of water leaks and places where pools of water gather along this stretch.  

They are certainly a hazard for anyone trying to walk or cycle and indeed everybody when that water turns to ice.  

Certainly, it is time to see the Local Authority taking action re the lines with maybe a bit of help from Irish Water re surface water.