Junk fashion success for Tipp town students

Junk fashion success for Tipp town students

St. Anne’s Secondary School is celebrating after three of the six outfits created for this year’s prestigious Junk Kouture national competition were selected for the regional finals, which takes place on March 9, in the University of Limerick concert hall.

Six groups of transition year students from St. Anne’s Secondary School created lavish outfits from recycled materials. Each group fashioned outfits exclusively from recycled materials resulting in stunning, yet wearable creations. Three of the six The three finalists are firstly “

Eve Donovan and Carmel Corby created an outfit called Beauty In The Beast that was inspired by the girls farming background. Their outfit is completely made from discarded feathers and wool, which they collected from farm animals.

Amy Lowry, Klaudia Sokol and Leah Ryan created, Wired Wrong, an outfit that highlights addictions such as addictions to fizzy drinks and the over use of social media. It is masterfully created from discarded computer wires and rings from the top of drinks cans. The third outfit to progress to the regional finals is called; Don’t stop the Party, created by Sarah Vaughan, Amy Kuss and Laura Merrigan. This is a fun outfit full of colour and promise and beautifully assembled from party straws and umbrellas. There is a serious message however as the excessive use of these materials is harmful to the environment.

A fourth design created and beautifully modelled by Leah O Brien was narrowly defeated in a lifeline vote preventing Leah from also progressing to the regional final. Leah’s outfit named, To Have and To Hold was inspired by disposable plates, paper, doilies and cutlery and was skillfully fashioned into a couture-wedding gown.

Wonderfully inspired entries by Rebecca Moloney, Caoimhe Carey & Ellie O’Donoghue called Timber Temptress and Wearing The World designed and made by Sinead Lohan, Sinead Quirke & Kate Fogarty were also unfortunately unsuccessful in reaching the regional finals.

“Producing an outfit requires students to develop inspiration, creativity, environmental awareness, production, critical evaluation and teamwork that are all valuable lifelong skills,” explained Principal Ms. Treacy. “All six outfits were expertly supervised by art teachers Ms. Mairead Hayes and Ms. Helen Ryan and Junk Kouture is kindly sponsored by Bank of Ireland and provides a unique forum for students to experience the design process. We wish to thank Tipperary community for all their support in voting for the designs.”