Former Tipp Oireachtas seat to be gifted to Ulster sheep farmer

Former Tipp Oireachtas seat to be gifted to Ulster sheep farmer

A Tipperary county councillor has objected to handing a   senate seat vacated by Labour's Denis Landy to former Ulster Farmers Union president Ian Marshall.


The Carrick on Suir senator retired from Seanad Eireann for health reasons and there is speculation  that  Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is considering putting forward   Marshall  to fill the vacancy on the Agricultural panel.

"Tipperary has lost an Oireachtas member, if anything the     government's 2040 national development plan has shown Tipperary needs to be represented at the highest level, Tipperary  could very well do with holding on to this seat in the senate" insisted Cllr. Denis Leahy.

Outraged at the neglect of Tipperary in the government plan, and in particular its faiure to advance a by pass of Tipperary Town and a motorway for the N24,  Cllr. Leahy said Tipperary should not be disenfranchised.

He raised his concerns after attending a meeting of independent councillors from all over the country inCarlow  where they were informed about Fine Gael's move to nominate  the Ulster  man.

"It is a bit rich for the Taoiseach to consider gifting this senate seat to somebody with a Northern Unionist background. Tipperary was belittled in the government 2040 plan and this is adding to the insult.We desperately need all the representation we can get " said Cllr. Leahy.

He said councillors  were informed that FG were seeking support from Fianna Fail on the matter and if that was secured the seat would be a done deal for Ian Marshall.