Littleton man used hatchet on ex-partner's front door - Thurles District Court

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Littleton man used hatchet on ex-partner's front door - Thurles District Court

Thurles District Courthouse

A Littleton man who caused criminal damage to his ex-partner’s home using a hatchet, was ordered to pay full compensation at Thurles District Court.

Judge Elizabeth MacGrath heard that on November 27, 2017, Garda Brendan Horgan observed Richard Ivers become involved in an altercation with a female in Liberty Square, Thurles. He was telling her to “f**k off” and was highly intoxicated, said Sgt. Andrew Lyons.

Mr Ivers, of 28 Derrynaflan Avenue, Littleton, was abusive and had to be arrested. He was charged with being intoxicated in public, and with being threatening and abusive in public.

On September 19, 2016, Mr Ivers appeared at the home of his ex-partner in Derrynaflan Avenue, Littleton. The house was unoccupied at the time. Ivers took a hatchet belonging to his ex-partner and used it to break down a pain of glass on the front patio door. The property was that of Colette Kelly, and the damage was put at €50.

Ivers has 17 previous convictions.

Solicitor Anne Fitzpatrick said her client is a single man and the use of the hatchet “makes it look a lot worse than what it was.”

There was “no threat” to the injured party and the damage was done to the lower end of the door. Mr Ivers “had been drinking” and has very little recollection of the events. A letter was shown to the Judge from a GP outlining Mr Ivers' difficulties with head injuries.  “He had been taking drink. He made a nuisance of himself,” said Ms Fitzpatrick.

Ivers’ previous convictions were at the “lower end” of the public order scale. “Drink does not agree with him” and he apologises to the Court. There was no residual fallout from the injured party.  Mr Ivers had been returning the hatchet to his ex-partner when he struck the door.

Judge MacGrath fined Ivers €250 for the public order offence. In relation to the criminal damage, Ivers was ordered to pay compensation of €50 by April 24th next, and Judge MacGrath directed that a Victim Impact Statement be compiled.