Tipperary 'Do Not Drink' alert - location of water tankers announced

Tipperary 'Do Not Drink' alert - location of water tankers announced


Following the ‘Do Not Drink’ water alert in the Fethard area, Irish Water has announced details of where water tankers are located.

 Some of these may be moved around depending on the need but the locations will be updated regularly on the website at www.water.ie/water-supply/supply-and-service-update/

Do Not Drink warning in Fethard scheme

Water Tankers will be made available from approximately 9am on 6 March. These are located at the following locations: 

* Gortnahoe

* Ballysloe

* Glengoole

* Ballynonty

* Ballinure

* Killenaule

* Moyglass

* Cloneen

* Drangan

* Asses Turn Mullinahone

* Poulacapple Junction

* Poulacapple School 

* Kilvemnon National School

Irish Water make every effort to ensure that the alternative drinking water supply provided, including the tanker / bowser, and dispensing tap, are adequately disinfected.

However, as it is not practical to provide sterilised containers for the public to transport drinking water from the tanker to their homes, we cannot guarantee that any containers used by the public do not negatively impact or contaminate the drinking water.

Therefore, as a precautionary measure, it is recommended that any members of the public who obtain water from a tanker or bowser boil the water before use.