Japanese film festival for the Tipperary Excel

Japanese film festival for the Tipperary Excel

Tipperary Excel is delighted to be part of the 2018 Japanese Film Festival.

Taking place at the Excel Cinema, Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th of April. 'Lu over the Wall' playing Saturday at 3pm. 'The Anthem of the Heart' is on Sunday at 3pm.

Experience Authentic Japanese Animation - Anime - on the big screen for one weekend only! Tickets €6. Box office 062-80520.

'Lu' tells the story of Kai, a middle schooler who lives in a fishing village called Hinashi Town with his father and his grandfather, a parasol maker. One day he meets, Lu, the mermaid girl. But since ancient times, the people of Hinashi Town have thought that mermaids brought disaster.

The Anthem of the Heart revolves around a girl named Jun Naruse, a chatterbox. One day she sees her father come out from one love hotel with another woman and tells her mother, resulting in her parents' divorce.