Tipperary County Council to seek penalty points for motorists disposing of rubbish from car

Tipperary County Council to seek penalty points for motorists disposing of rubbish from car

                        Tipperary County Council  has voted in favour of introducing penalty points  for motorists for tipping litter from their vehicles.


The recommendation will now be forwarded to the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment  to consider necessary legislation for the proposal.

Members voted eighteen  for and seven against the motion which was tabled by Cllr. Andy Moloney.

Those who voted against the motion argued that such a proposal would be impossible to enforce.

Cllr.  Moloney said he put forward the motion after being approached by an 81 year old lady motorist who was driving when a newspaper thrown out from a car travelling  in front of her stuck to her windscreen and she had to pull in to remove it.

"We can't pussyfoot about this" said Cllr. Moloney.

He was supported by Cllr. Richie Molloy who said anybody driving on the by pass in Clonmel would see rubbish being thrown out of cars on a regular basis. The threat of penalty points would act as a deterrent, he claimed

Cllr. Michael Fitzgerald said the council should support  the motion and pass it on to the Minister and officials to examine it. It was a good proposal and it should  be explored, he stated.

Cllr. Siobhan Ambrose said it would be impossible to police  and the cost of providing the manpower resources required would be very high .

Cllr. Kieran Bourke said he would not be in favour of penalty points for throwing rubbish out of a car. Some other form of legislation should be introduced but not the imposition of penalty points, he told the meeting.

Cllr. John Carroll said he would not agree with a motorist getting penalty points if somebody in the back of his car threw a wrapper out the window. The biggest litter problem existed outside chip shops every night of the week, he remarked.

Cllr. Martin Lonergan  said he lived at the foot of the Knockmealdown mountains and he saw at  first hand the amount of indiscriminate dumping that takes place destroying the countryside.

Cllr. David Dunne  said he would not support penalty points. He called on the council to look at the issue  of bin charges and he believed there should be a waiver system in place.

Cllr. Jim Ryan said the low level of fines imposed for dumping throughout the county was shocking.

 Director of Services Sean Keating told members that it cost the council €60,000 to clear up illegal dumping every year. 

It was very difficult to catch somebody dumping in the act. The council had sent out twelve notices  to the county solicitor, some were successful and some were still progressing, he told members,