Tipperary motorist calls on the wrong house when trying to avoid garda checkpoint

Tipperary motorist calls on the wrong house when trying to avoid garda checkpoint

                        A  motorist who was driving without insurance and who randomly called on a house to avoid a garda checkpoint  ahead, happened to call at the door of an off duty garda, Tipperary court was told.


Before the court was Noel Ryan, 13 Beechgrove, Dundrum  who pleaded guilty to driving without insurance and without.a driving licence on  12th September at Dundrum Road, Tipperary.

The court was told that the motorist took a chance driving because a neighbour of his needed baby food .On his way back from getting the baby food   he thought he observed a garda checkpoint ahead and called on a random house to avoid the check point.

He called however on the door of an off duty  garda, Gda Tom Finnan, and he was subsequently charged with driving without insurance.

Sgt.Cathal Godfrey said that on  12th September at approximately 12.50pm  a garda was off duty at home and heard a bang and realised somebody was outside his front door. He went to the front of his house and found the defendant walking away from his  house. The man at the door said he was looking for another person and left and was later arrested.

Solicitor Vincent McCormack said his client was spooked  as the house he turned into to avoid a check point was that of a garda. His client had put the cart before the horse, as he had intended  getting back on the road and had bought a car with the intention of not driving until he had insured it but he was asked by a neighbour to collect baby food.

Judge Elizabeth McGrath imposed a fine of €150 on the no insurance charge and disqualified the driver from driving for two years. The driving licence charge was taken into consideration.

Noel Ryan was also before the court on other matters that were heard on a previous occasion. Mr McCormack said his client had the offer  of a job in the Isle of Man from his partner's family.

Judge Elizabeth McGrath struck out the charge relating to the Misuse of Drugs Act  after he handed over €200 to the court poor box .He was fined €100 on a public order charge.