Clonmel man Joe O'Sullivan appealing for help for Happy Heart campaign

Clonmel man Joe O'Sullivan appealing for help for Happy Heart campaign

Joe O'Sullivan is looking for support for Happy Heart Appeal.

This May the Irish Heart Foundation is seeking volunteers in  Clonmel to help sell their iconic happy hearts and raise vital funds to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest, which claims 5,000 lives in Ireland every year. 

Anyone wishing to help can contact local man Joe O’Sullivan.

If you’d like to support the Happy Hearts Appeal by volunteering a few hours of your time and selling pins on 11th May, simply contact  Joe O'Sulivan co-ordinator. Email or phone: 086 2654577.

Money raised for the Happy Hearts Appeal will go towards the Irish Heart Foundations CPR programmes to create lifesavers in every community in Ireland. Starting CPR can double a person’s chance of survival. 

According to the Irish Heart Foundations Basic Life Support Coordinator, Brigid Sinnott, when a person suffers a cardiac arrest and they don’t receive prompt CPR or defibrillation their chance of survival decreases by 10 percent for every minute that nothing is done. 

She said: “If you are a bystander when this happens and are willing to do something you can make the difference between life and death. Early CPR can double if not triple your chance of survival. Learning CPR  can give you confidence in knowing what to do when faced with a collapse and we know that anyone who has done a CPR course at any stage in their life is 10 times more likely to respond and assist in such an emergency.”

Cardiac arrest could happen to someone at work, in your community, or at home so it’s essential to know exactly what to do, and be confident in doing it, according to the Irish Heart Foundation.

Joe O'Sullivan, Happy Heart Coordinator in Clonmel for the Irish Heart Foundation said: “This year’s Happy Hearts Appeal target is €350,000; these vital funds ensure that the Irish Heart Foundation can continue to provide essential CPR training in communities like ours.  If a loved one or someone you know goes into a sudden cardiac arrest, you are their main chance of survival. Not a passer-by. You and your hands. CPR saves lives and so do volunteers. Now more than ever, we need more volunteers in Clonmel for our Happy Hearts Appeal, so that we can raise funds for programmes like our vital CPR training. Join us and volunteer on May 11th to keep more hearts beating, because we desperately need more lifesavers.”