Former Tipp hurling hero and captain praised for efforts to save stricken mans life

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Ger O'Grady

Former Tipperary hurling captain Ger O'Grady who has been praised for performing CPR on cardiac arrest victim.

Ger 'Redser' O'Grady and his Thurles Sarsfields club colleague Gary Loughnane performed CPR on a cardiac arrest victim for more than 30 minutes before emergency services arrived.

Former Tipperary hurling captain Ger 'Redser' O'Grady and his club colleague Gary Loughnane, a nephew of the late great Jimmy Doyle, have been praised for their efforts to save the life of a cardiac arrest victim in Thurles after they happened upon him on the street.

O'Grady, who hurled in the Tipperary attack under the Babs Keating regime and captained the Premier County in the Munster Final, was at a petrol station on Matthew Avenue, Thurles when he saw the man drop to the ground. He immediately knew that something was seriously wrong.

"By the time I got over to him I knew he was in big trouble. Another man was on the phone to the emergency services but I knew CPR because I had to do a course for work some time ago. I started working on his chest and Gary Loughnane arrived on the scene and he also knew CPR. Between us we continued until the emergency services arrived," Redser said.

Above: Gary Loughnane pictured at his barber shop.

This was the first time for Ger to be called into action with his CPR training, but it was Gary's second time - Gary runs Classic Barber shop in Thurles. And, the pair have been praised for their heroics. The victim, a local man who had a business in Thurles Shopping Centre for some time, is still fighting for his life having been airlifted to hospital. However, it is quite clear that he would not have had that fighting chance had it not been for the efforts of Ger and Gary.

"You never want to have to use that training, but it was great to have had it and to be able to do something. I honestly think that it should be part of the school curriculum in some shape or form - on transition year or something. You never know when, or who, it could make a difference for. We are all hoping and praying that Tom makes it through," said Ger who has been in constant contact with the mans family since.