Clonmel woman's first book will help children feel good about themselves

Eamon Lacey


Eamon Lacey


Launa Conti

Launa Conti will launch her book at Clonmel library on Thursday May 31st at 7pm.

An inspirational Clonmel woman has written a beautiful book  to teach children the importance of self-love.

“I Love Me “  by first-time author Launa Conti  is a book designed  to enable children to love themselves and others in their lives from an early age.

The book, about a seven year-old boy called Fred, is illustrated by lifelong  friend, Clonmel man Colin Bolger and will be launched  in Clonmel library on Thursday May 31st.

The book was born out of a heartfelt  desire to help others and Launa is passionate about the need to nourish positive wellbeing from birth onwards.

The book is shaped by her own personal life challenges she encountered growing up.

Launa suffered the torment of anxiety and grappled with self-esteem and confidence issues because she was bullied at a young age. 

That experience had a harmful long-term impact on her life and she is determined to help others combat such negative influences in their lives, providing children with the first step in the process of embracing self-love through her book.

“The book is all about embracing the positive, about providing children with the tools to feel happy, confident and free from birth onwards, to protect them from the negative influences” said Launa.

The twenty nine year-old, who works as an early childhood educator and coach, collaborated with her friend Colin Bolger, whose illustrations  brings Fred, his dog family and friends to life.

Helping Launa to reach out  through  this  project  is a Cork family, the O’ Donovans, who lost their only child, six year-old Luke in a hit and run accident.

His parents Stephen and Jo responded to an appeal from Launa for financial support to help her publish the book.

Above - Author Launa Conti reading her book “I Love Me” to Kevin Makunike, Baynham Makunike, Erica Cronin, Orla Ryan and Lucy Hennessy at Clonmel library 

“The Light of Love is the brightest light of all”  is a message Launa  and Luke’s parents passionately convey and that message shines through this book while turning every page.

The book is a simple message of  love through positive affirmations that hopefully will empower children to love themselves through the power of repetition.

“I believe that if you want to be happy and free just tell yourself daily 'I Love Me'.

“I want children to be surrounded by that positivity from as early as possible and  I hope the book gives children the tools they require on their  life journey”, said Launa.

The idea for the book came to her during her time in America where she found the space to rebuild her confidence and self-esteem.

“Living in San Francisco for a few years was a turning point for me and it helped me restore my confidence.

“There is a very different culture in America towards self-help and self-esteem and I found that liberating.

It is a very different environment over there with a great awareness of the importance of  self-love.” said Launa.

On her return to Ireland Launa set about securing the necessary financial support for a hardback version of the book, which is available for sale in the Book Store in Market Place in Clonmel.

“I Love Me”  is the first book and the  author, from Glenconnor in Clonmel, hopes to bring out more book in a Tales by Launa series.