'Pure Oil' to create 20 jobs in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary

Oil Management & Supply company to create 10 jobs immediately

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher



'Pure Oil' to create 20 jobs in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary

Director David Simmons

Roscrea is in line for 20 new jobs to be phased in over the next two years, as a Wexford based oil supply company has announced a major new investment in the town.

‘Pure Oil’ is a family owned and managed business, and started in 2009 from their current site in Co Wexford.

Director David Simmons says the company has started investing in Roscrea, and along with LEADER funding, Pure Oil will initially create 10 jobs immediately, rising to 20 jobs over two years. “We’re already starting to recruit,” Mr Simmons told the Tipperary Star.

Pure Oil currently employs 36 people to deliver ‘a complete managed service’ in terms of oil supply, management, and collection. “We obviously chose Roscrea for strategic reasons, its location, the availability of skilled staff, and the availability of warehousing and production facilities in the old Antigen factory,” said Mr Simmons.

The community funding programme LEADER also gave the go-ahead for financing recently, clearing the way for the jobs boost. Overall, the investment will come to about €250,000 and is a much needed shot in the arm for the local economy in Roscrea.

Pure Oil was established in response to a need by many Irish customers, who were previously dependent on a service run from outside Ireland. “This meant fluctuating prices and poor service levels,” stated a spokesperson. “We began by rolling out our service to the south-east, offering our customers ‘a complete managed service’. This meant we not only provided the fresh oil but also guidance on oil choice and its management to help our customers deliver the best-finished product to their discerning customers. We then completed the loop by providing a collection service for the used oil to ensure this material was recovered for the renewable energy sector.

“From the outset, we focused on high-quality oils to provide the market with much-needed consistency and longevity while frying. We aimed and achieved the highest standards in terms of quality and traceability so that our customers can rest assured that we operate to the highest possible standards.”

Separately, Pure Oil has also won an Operational Excellence Award. Today Pure Oil is one of Ireland’s largest distributors of cooking oils and fats to the catering.

“We have created innovative collection systems and invested in specialised vehicles for the collection of used cooking oil and fats. We now serve 2,800 customer sites across Ireland and we have invested in technologies to ensure we extract the maximum benefit from the valuable resources we collect ensuring our environment is protected,” added the spokesperson.

Pure Oil also provides its food industry customers with resource recovery services which ensure nothing goes to landfill, and supports local events, sports clubs, and charitable organisations.