Bernie’s SuperValu Roscrea to host Autism Awareness Evening

New drive to support families with Autism

Bernie’s SuperValu Roscrea to host Autism Awareness Evening

Bernie’s SuperValu Roscrea will host an Autism Awareness workshop in conjunction with AsIAm on Monday 25th June in The Cosy Kitchen, SuperValu, Roscrea at 7pm.

To support SuperValu’s continued journey in supporting the autism community, Adam Harris from AsIAM has designed a 90 minute workshop and education evening alongside SuperValu to enable businesses, community groups and organisations better understand autism and understand how they can actively support and include members of the autism community.

As the leading retailer actively supporting the autism community in Ireland, SuperValu is committed to raising understanding and awareness of autism among its customers and staff. With over 50,000 families in Ireland living with autism, those affected face barriers to inclusion because of the attitudes of people who may not have first-hand experience of autism.

SuperValu is hoping to break down those barriers and bring about a change by informing their customers and staff of the need to use plain language, be patient and be accepting. These three simple steps can make a massive difference to an autistic person’s in-store experience.

Speaking about the awareness campaign, Deirdre Moore, of Bernie’s SuperValu Roscrea said: “When we first introduced Autism Friendly shopping evenings in our store the response has been fantastic from our customers. We realised that there was more we could do to take the awareness message beyond the store. This awareness evening and workshop will allow us encourage other business and organisations on the real benefits of becoming Autism Aware.”

Adam Harris from AsIAm said, “SuperValu is playing a vital role in mainstreaming understanding of autism in store and in the wider community by speaking directly to their customer base, their staff and now their peer business organisations.

“The supermarket is a big trigger zone for the autism community and while SuperValu is already making sensory changes in there we realised how important it is to educate the wider community on how they can play their part in making Autistic people feel included. These evenings will facilitate a greater learning on the benefits to a business in being Autism Aware and the simple steps needed to get there.’

SuperValu is already leading the charge when it comes to initiatives that support families with Autism through their Autism friendly shopping evenings happening in stores around the country. SuperValu has enhanced the shopping experience through a roadmap for change which is currently being rolled out in stores nationwide. To find out more about the Autism friendly initiatives visit