Tipperary Fianna Fail accused of 'turning against their own" in County Council election row

Eamon Lacey


Eamon Lacey



Tipperary Fianna Fail accused of 'turning against their own" in County Council election row



Fianna Fail's Cllr. Mattie Ryan was elected chairman of  Tipperary County Council this  afternoon in Clonmel.

The Nenagh  man  takes over from the out-going  Cllr. Phyl Bugler  after beating off the challenge of Independent councillor Jim Ryan by twenty three votes to fourteen.

The Fianna Fail /Fine Gael pact stood firm with Cllr. Ryan nominated  after getting his  party approval prior to the County Council  AGM  over Cllr. Michael Smith who  had expectations of getting  the party nomination.

Cllr David Doran (Sinn Fein) said Fianna Fail had "shafted their own" and had safeguarded their own TD. He said the "dogs on the street" knew  that the man proposed was not  the man that was supposed to get it.

Cllr. Ryan (Coole) was first elected to North Tipperary county Council in 1991. He was proposed by Cllr. Roger Kennedy (FF) and seconded by Cllr.Mary Hanna  Hourigan (FG.

Huge divisions within Fianna Fail in the county were displayed at  the AGM.

County Manager Joe  McGrath  paid tribute to the out-going chairman  and praised her work  on promoting tourism, improving rural broadband  and bringing investment  to the county.

Cllr. Jim Ryan, who was proposed for chairman, said an “agreement was an agreement” and that what happened on the election of the chairman tainted the council and damaged Fianna Fail in the county,

What happened in Fianna Fail he said, reminded  him of "two children fighting over a bar of chocolate".

Clonmel councillor  Michael Murphy won the contest for Vice Chairman beating off the challenge of Martin Browne (SF) by twenty nine votes to eight.