Breaking: Call to have the River Suir in Thurles cleaned before Sundays Munster Final

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


River Suir

The green algae on the River Suir at Thurles

A green algae has taken over the river close to the Suir Bridge in Thurles and is very evident due to the low water levels.

A call has been made to have the River Suir in Thurles cleared of the green algae which is dominating the surface of the water, in advance of the Munster Final in Thurles on Sunday - the expected sellout game is set o bring up to 50,000 people to Thurles.

Cllr Jim Ryan described the river as being 'disgusting' at a meeting of the Temlemore Thurles Municipal District Council and added that people are 'alarmed' by what they are seeing.

With the water levels very low at the present time due to the heatwave currently sweeping the country, the algae is very evident from the River Suir Bridge and with a bumper attendance expected in Thurles on Sunday for the Munster senior and minor hurling finals, the condition of the river reflects very poorly on the town, according to the Independent councillor.

"The water is very low and this is the best time to get in there and clean out the river. It is absolutely disgusting at the moment and people are very alarms by what they are seeing,"said  Cllr Ryan who added that the Thurles Town Council had, in the past, placed bales of straw in the river to help clear the algae.

Cllr David Doran said that it looks as though the river Suir in Thurles "has been abandoned" and that the sight from the Suir Bridge gives a very poor impression of the town. He too called to have the river cleaned as soon as possible.

Templemore Thurles District Manager, Mr Matt Shortt agreed with the councillors that the river looks very bad but he added that officials would have to take advice on what the best course of action would be. "We have to be very careful about what we do and will have to take advice so that we do not cause any problems down the line. We don't have the expertise here but we will make inquiries and take it from there," he said.