Graffiti 'artist' damaged property all around Thurles

Thurles District Court 

Graffiti 'artist' damaged property all around Thurles

A Latvian man living in Thurles who scrawled graffiti on walls, buildings and other property around the town causing criminal damage, had his case adjourned at Thurles District Court in order to assess the amount of compensation.

Pater Andrejevs, of 4 An Grianan, Kickham Street, Thurles, was charged with a series of graffiti related offences around Thurles on various dates, mostly in November 2017.

These include the following offences carried out on November 18, 2017 : damage to property, graffiti on a gateway, the property of Mary Kenny in Friar Street, Thurles; graffiti on a white Nissan van, the property of Paul Scully; graffiti on a parking meter at 14 Friar Street, Thurles, the property of Tipperary Co. Council; graffiti at 36 Croke Street, on a window belonging to an unknown person; graffiti at Westgate, Thurles, damaging a board belonging to an unknown person; graffiti at Deja Brew Coffee, 16 Liberty Square; and that Mr Andrejevs was present on this date in Liberty Square, intoxicated to such an extent as to be a danger to himself and to others.

Mr Andrejevs was also charged with having in his possession, a number of markers intended, without lawful excuse, to damage property at an unknown location, on November 18, last.

Judge Elizabeth MacGrath heard that Andrejevs is also charged with drawing graffiti on Inc. Hair Design, Mitchell Street, Thurles, on a doorway belonging to Georgina O’Dwyer, on November 17, 2017.

Andrejevs is further charged with drawing graffiti on dates unknown between November 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017, on the window of the Tipperary Star offices in Friar Street, Thurles; on a gateway in Kickham Street, Thurles, belonging to an unknown person; on a bin bay at Inc. Hair Design, Mitchell Street, Thurles; and on a front wall of a building, a doorway, a gate, and a side wall, at Stradavoher Industrial Estate; and at the Munster Hotel, on an ESB box belonging to the ESB.

In total, there are 18 charges, said the Court Sergeant. “When he was arrested, he admitted them wholeheartedly,” said the Sergeant.

Solicitor Mr Brian Hughes said his client had pleaded guilty to all the charges. Andrejevs has no previous convictions. It was “unusual” in that Andrejevs has never been in trouble before, said Mr Hughes. Andrejevs is Latvian and has been living in Ireland for 10 years. He has three children. “He’s not working at present,” said Mr Hughes. “He finds it hard to explain why he engaged in this compulsive behaviour.”

Judge MacGrath was shown a colour copy of the graffiti in Court. “It seems to show artistic tendency alright,” said the Judge. Most of the graffiti was done with a marker which is not so hard to remove, but a minority was done using spray, which is harder to remove.

“He says he is giving up his ‘pass-time’”, said Mr Hughes. Andrejevs was caught doing it on a window while drunk, and pleaded guilty to all the matters, said the Court Sergeant. Judge MacGrath adjourned the case to September 25 next, both for Victim Impact Statements, and to assess the issue of compensation and clean up from the injured parties.