Tipperary courts: drink driver who flashed lights at Garda car fled into a field

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Tipperary Star reporter



Tipperary courts: drink driver who flashed lights at Garda car fled into a field

Nenagh Courthouse

A driver who flashed his lights at a Garda patrol car sped off through Nenagh before he eventually stopped and fled into a field, Nenagh Court was told.

Matthew O'Meara of 21 The Willows, Millersbrook, Nenagh, pleaded to danagerous driving at Ballycommon, Nenagh, on November 19, 2017.

Mr O'Meara also pleaded to drink driving on the same occasion at Carhue, Nenagh.

The court heard that the defendant came up behind a Garda patrol car at Summerhill, Nenagh, and flashed his lights at the vehicle.

He then took off at speed on the wrong side of the road and turned on to Church Road and Dromin Road where he went the wrong way around a roundabout.

Mr O'Meara travelled through the village of Ballycommon at high speed and took a left for Carhue. At this point he overtook a car which had to stop.

Mr O'Meara eventually stopped at Carhue and “took to the fields”, the court was told.

He was apprehended and tested for drink driving. A subsequent test showed he had 174mgs of alcohol per 100 mls of blood.

The court heard that he had 21 previous convictions.

Kenny Kerins, BL, for Mr O'Meara said that his client had made a “welcome plea” given the circumstances.

The incident had been exacerbated by alcohol.

“He was deeply upset by an incident the night before but his reaction was unjustified,” said Mr Kerins.

He described Mr O'Meara as a “devoted father” of two young children, and said his client had not had any alcohol for the past three months.

Judge Elizabeth MacGrath described the dangerous driving as a “serious matter” and imposed a three-month suspended sentence, providing Mr O'Meara enter a bond of €250 for two years. She disqualified him for three years.

Judge MacGrath fined Mr O'Meara €200 for drink driving and banned him for three years.

Judge MacGrath refused an application to postpone any discqualifation.