Have your say in the Abbey Hall, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary - Shane Lee

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Have your say in the Abbey Hall, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary - Shane Lee

Shane Lee

This Thursday, October 18th, the Abbey Hall, at 7.30pm will be the place to be to voice your opinion, says Roscrea community activist Shane Lee.

“Remember it's our community, it's our children, stand up, talk up now is the time. Let's rise above the negative, politics, egos, personalities, blame game & lead by example for the youth of our town.

“Some months back I made a public statement about having a place that will be safe, warm, welcoming and respectful for all to go. I spoke about a games room, craft room, snooker, pool, darts and it goes on and on as it will be opened to every idea that can be a reality. In this, we could have a room that could be for time out, meditation or just talk to a friend.

“I know there are people looking at this saying 'stop', I've heard it all before or how can you do that? Well if you want to be negative, unfortunately it's not the place to be on the night, sorry.

“I, as a chap who was brought up in a town I love so well would like to be able to say as a Dad, friend and member of our community, lets' give back to our youth by doing some little thing to provide fun and friendship and help along the way.

“I attend many many meetings where I hear parents saying if your child is not into sports there is nothing in the town, some will agree, some will disagree which is fine. I for one see lots of positives, but yes there can be more for the youth, and families.

“This project will be a little different than what is currently in place for the youngsters in our town and what I don't want is people getting carried away about groups, clubs or other as the comments will be removed.

“I honestly can not do this on on my own I need the help of others! 7.30pm, Abbey Hall, 18th of October please please attend! Feel free to share share share your opinion, it really does matter,” concluded Mr Lee. For more information contact Mr Lee at 086-3296667.