Masked raiders steal €11,000 quad bike from Healy's Lawnmowers in Thurles

Drove quad bike to getaway van

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Masked raiders steal €11,000 quad bike from Healy's Lawnmowers in Thurles

Healy Lawnmowers & Quads

Masked raiders burgled Healy Lawnmowers in Thurles recently, making off with an €11,000 quad bike in the early hours of the morning.

Two men, with tights covering their faces, entered Healy Lawnmowers & Quads, in Turtulla Business Park, Thurles, between 2.30am and 3.45am on October 21.

The men came in around the back of the estate, first tampering with the cameras, before cutting telephone and wifi cables at the back of the premises. The raiders, wearing women’s tights over their heads, turned some of the CCTV cameras to point upwards, so they could not be recorded.

A spokesperson for Healy’s said the men climbed up a wall, and on to wheelie bins, and used a stick to point the cameras up. The men stole a new Honda quad bike, valued at €11,000 and drove it out a gate to a waiting vehicle. “They had to force the electric gate out, and they drove it out up towards the golf course,” said the spokesperson. “They must have had a van waiting up the road. Obviously, they knew what they were looking for.”

Lawnmowers have been taken from another one of Healy’s yards before, but this is the first time the Thurles premises has been broken into. Gardaí are investigating the incident.