North Tipperary is losing out to south on potential IDA developments

Development: Deputy Jackie Cahill critical of how Thurles, Roscrea and Nenagh are being promoted

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter



North Tipperary is losing out to south on IDA development sites

Deputy Jackie Cahill: 'no new businesses are being incentivised to locate in Tipperary'

Despite having large population centres in Thurles, Nenagh and Roscrea, North Tipperary is being ignored by the IDA, according to local TD Jackie Cahill.

The Thurles-based Fianna Fail TD raised the issue with Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys, in the Dail.

Figures released to Fianna Fail show that there are only two “marketable” IDA sites in County Tipperary, both of which are in the south of the county at Clonmel Business Park and Knockan

The figures revealed the full extent to which North Tipperary is being neglected in terms of IDA investment, and were “clear evidence” that the Government was failing to attract new investment into the county.

“We have a fantastic skilled workforce, but as well as that, we have a talented diaspora, who have either relocated in other parts of the country, or have emigrated, and now want to return home.

“Unfortunately, they will be prevented from doing so because no new businesses are being incentivised to locate in Tipperary,” he said.

If, as was being claimed the IDA was concentrating on balanced regional development, it should be concentrating on areas which had been left behind, he said.

“The Government should not be sitting back and waiting for the IDA to realise the potential in Tipperary - it should be pushing the county as an attractive opportunity. It needs to refocus its efforts and actively engage with new multinationals to ensure greater investment,” he said.

Minister Humphreys said that the availability of an adequate supply of marketable serviced land and buildings in advance of demand was a key element in the IDA’s ability to compete for mobile foreign direct investment.