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Roscrea's Tommy Murphy says he is to be ‘voice of the north’

Why is the north of county Tipperary falling further behind, asks Murphy

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher



Roscrea's Tommy Murphy says he is to be ‘voice of the north’

Independent candidate from Roscrea, Tommy Murphy

Why is the north of Tipperary county falling further and further behind the south of our great county?

“Like south Tipperary we have unemployment, housing waiting lists, business closures and roads in need of immediate repair,” says Independent Roscrea based election candidate Tommy Murphy.

“Some have tried to lay the blame with what they see as an apathetic population, or community groups not working together in trying to push local agendas and needs.

“As a former political party member, I would suggest that a large part of the issue when it comes to a lack of resources, or the ‘voice of the people’ not being heard is the ‘party line’, the need for political party councillors and TDs to follow the party whip and ensure they stick to their policies and agendas.

“As an independent candidate I wish to be the ‘voice of those with no voice’, to truly represent the will or wish of the people, and yes this might sound idealistic and maybe to some naive, but surely it is the true nature and requirement of being a local representative.”

Mr Murphy said: “as someone with decades of community activism and campaign awareness I see the need to break the mould of the old.

Vote for the same party, or the party our parents may have supported, as is often the tradition, I believe that now we must vote as communities to better achieve the representation we need and deserve.

“For too long political parties have been able to carve up electoral areas and votes with voting pacts and agreements that suit them and their party policies.

“Now we need to end what is often seen as the cosy cartel of political dynasties and change the face of local electoral politics to one of a ‘voice for those with no voice’.

“As an independent candidate in the Thurles Templemore (Roscrea) Municipal District I will fight for the communities who have for too long had no voice,” concluded Mr Murphy.